• Lithuania
  • Estrella Butter Fried Chanterelles – A Buttery, Mushroomy Treat


    Summer is over, but at least it’s time for the seasonal autumn treat by Estrella. I’ve been waiting for these since July!

    Made from freshly dug Lithuanian potatoes, the chips are a match made in potato chip heaven paired with a pleasantly salty chanterelle flavor. Somehow they mastered making them light and savory at the same time.

    Chanterelles are among my favorite mushrooms, and while I really enjoyed Estrella’s product, I am now craving the real thing.

    Bought in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    Rating: 9/10.

  • Lithuania
  • Estrella Hard Cheese / Salami – What a Pleasant Surprise


    Are you a vegetarian who’s been dreaming about chewing on a tasty, juicy piece of salami? Do you like cheesy chips but all the cheddar or whatever flavored chip options out there make you sick to your stomach? Then these two flavors from Estrella are exactly what you need! The Spanish option really does smell and taste like salami from a deli counter. And that flavor is very, VERY strong. Might be too strong for some (not me). Perfect for sharing as even a handful of these is going to satisfy you! The cheese ones are full of flavor too, but slightly milder. I loved both of the options.

    Bought and eaten in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    My rating: 8/10.

  • Lithuania
  • Estrella Countryside Sourcream & Onion – My First Love


    How clever! It became very common to add ‘countryside’ or other appealing word to well-known flavors of chips. Like ‘Backyard BBQ’ instead of simple ‘BBQ’. Estrella’s Countryside Sourcream & Onion chips have been known forever as Sour Cream & Onion chips. Everyone is trying to trick us these days…

    The good thing about them is that they’re not your regular sour cream and onion chips. There are millions of kinds out there, but none of them taste like these (or maybe I should just dig deeper… somewhere in Scandinavia). They’re a bit more sour and have greater acidity. They are also slightly saltier. All these factors make me want them more. Blindfolded, you can tell you’re eating Estrella. Sadly, I’m not sure if I even want look at them. But that’s only because I used to have them way too often.

    Bought and eaten in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    My rating: 7.5/10.