• New Zealand
  • Copper Kettle Chips Vintage Cheddar & Red Onion – Fancy and Irresistible


    Paradise on a potato chip. The flavor seemed very familiar to me – I think they also have it in the UK. Kettle? Walkers Sensations? Oh, who cares? Just go and get it.

    These are not your regular cheese and onion potato chips. This stuff is better and sexier than shaved foie gras on a bed of onions. You know you can trust me. Need more convincing? Sorry, that’s as good as it gets. *shuts the door and goes to a supermarket*

    Bought in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    My rating: 9/10.

  • USA
  • McClure’s Bloody Mary – All You Need Is a Bloody Mary?


    I was so happy and surprised to stumble upon McClure’s potato chips again! I tried (and reviewed) their Dill Pickle flavored chips in New York a couple of years ago. Later, I saw they had a new addition to their chips: Bloody Mary flavor. I knew I won’t be able to try it until I’m back in the States again. A few weeks later, I randomly found them in a health food store in Sydney. Call it luck, call it fate, call it karma? LOL.

    I’m the biggest fan of both Marys and pickles, BTW.

    These are not the first Bloody Mary-flavored chips in my chip eating career. But I think it’s the first time they do taste like an actual Bloody Mary. And that’s the kind of Mary I like – with some pickle brine in it. The flavor works really well on a kettle-cooked chip. Attempts by other brands tasted more like tomato flavor, which obviously is not a tragedy either, but a ballsy Bloody Mary is not just tomatoes and salt.

    Bought in Sydney, Australia (product of the US).

    My rating: 9/10.

  • UK
  • Burts Firecracker Lobster – Meaty, Spicy and Delicious


    It’s not the first time I’m saying this… but when it comes chips (I mean, crisps), the British know how to do it. These are actually some of the best potato chips I’ve ever tried. In fact, I love any chips by Burts: a good potato chip combined with loads of flavor. Not like I give a damn, but they’re even fashionably gluten-free (they’re also free from MSG, artificial flavoring and colorings).

    The lobster flavor is intense and savory. The chips are not as fishy as lobster-flavored chips in Asia, which is probably a good thing. They also have some mild spiciness to them which is very pleasant. Even seafood-hating weirdos and meat lovers should give them a try. The innovative flavor is created from the shells of fresh lobsters and sweet chilies. “Firecracker Lobster embodies what Burts is all about: originality, big flavour and twists on the traditional,” said founder and director Nick Hurst.

    Bought in Amsterdam, NL. Made in Devon, UK.

    My rating: 9/10.

  • Lithuania
  • Estrella Butter Fried Chanterelles – A Buttery, Mushroomy Treat


    Summer is over, but at least it’s time for the seasonal autumn treat by Estrella. I’ve been waiting for these since July!

    Made from freshly dug Lithuanian potatoes, the chips are a match made in potato chip heaven paired with a pleasantly salty chanterelle flavor. Somehow they mastered making them light and savory at the same time.

    Chanterelles are among my favorite mushrooms, and while I really enjoyed Estrella’s product, I am now craving the real thing.

    Bought in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    Rating: 9/10.

  • USA
  • Ruffles Ultimate Sweet & Smokin’ BBQ – Yum!


    Let’s start from the beginning: I love Ruffles. What I love even more is their Ultimate line. What makes them better than regular Ruffles? They are thicker, have deeper ridges, and are seasoned more heavily, which obviously seems like a good thing to me. The thickness makes them perfect for dipping (Ruffles Ultimate dips are just fucking awesome), but the amazing seasoning doesn’t even let you think about dipping them in anything. My advice: if you’re really hungry and badly feel like pigging out, feel free to have your chips with Ruffles Ultimate dip (try Ruffles Ultimate Smokehouse Bacon Dip); and if you feel a little bit like dieting that day, just skip the dip and eat away!

    How are they different from other BBQ chips? They’re sweeter and smokier. Just like the title suggests. The spiciness is also present, but it’s not overpowering. Here’s a list of the ingredients: sugar, brown sugar, chipotle chili pepper, molasses, onion powder, tomato powder, paprika extracts, garlic powder, and honey. Yum, yum, yum!

    Bought and eaten in Los Angeles, CA.

    My rating: 9/10.

  • The Netherlands
  • Mrs. Kerr Best Bite Chips Jalapeño Peppers – Salty, Smoky, and Seductive


    This purchase turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Mrs. Kerr’s chips were well worth the ridiculous price I paid in an overpriced international grocery store, located in a touristy part of Amsterdam. Not sure, but I think these are Danish. My significant other wasn’t that enthusiastic, but still seemed to be enjoying his meal (sandwich + chips): ‘WTF is that? It tastes like pig’s fat. Are these even made of potatoes? These are pork skins!’ What a confused little boy. The smoky, barbecue aroma doesn’t necessarily have to come from a piece of meat, duh.

    BTW, because of the confusing ‘fatty’ aroma, my friends, who I happened to share the chips with (not my favorite thing to do) decided that the chips are most probably a little higher in calories than most of the other chips out there. I had to prove them wrong.

    Bought and eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 9/10.

  • The Netherlands
  • Lay’s Harvest Garlic & Sea Salt – Thank You

    harvest_laysI was so excited after finally spotting something new at my local supermarket. It’s been literally AGES. Garlic & Sea Salt is one of the two Lay’s Harvest flavors available (of course they might be selling some other flavors somewhere else, who knows) and the one I liked better (the other one will be reviewed in the near future).

    Well, I can tell you, from the bottom of my potato-chip-crumb-covered heart, it was my discovery of the week that week. The saltiness was just right, the aroma was garlicky and fresh, the texture of the chip was somewhat gourmet. All that combined tasted just incredible. My favorite part about them is they don’t taste like cheap junk food. The typical Lay’s greasiness is all gone. Good job, Lay’s! Recommended to anyone.

    Bought and eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 9/10.