• Thailand
  • Lay’s Thailand – Which Ones Are The Best?


    I have reviewed some of the Lay’s Thailand chips in the past – both on the website and my Instagram account. Traveling in Asia helped me get my hands on even more flavors.

    They have some international flavors like English, Mexican and Italian. More surprisingly than not, these are probably the best flavors they currently have to offer.

    The Mexican ones (Mexican BBQ?) have a lot of flavor and are very nicely spiced – not too much, not too little. Rating: 8/10.

    The Salmon & Cream Cheese flavor is OK, but not fishy/salmony enough – I was hoping for something more shocking. These definitely left me a little disappointed. Still pretty tasty though. Rating: 7/10.

    Italian Supreme cheese flavor isn’t so supreme. I had mixed feelings, actually. The cheese flavor is good, but not strong enough. Rating: 7/10.

    Thai Fried Larb flavor not just sounds, but is pretty fascinating. Larb Tod is a ‘traditional Thai meatball made from either chicken or pork with Thai seasonings’. Meaty and very Thai. Rating: 7.5/10.

    Hot Chili Squid flavor tastes better on krinkle cut Lay’s. Sadly, still nothing particularly interesting. Rating: 5/10.

    Scallops with Garlic Butter chips do actually taste that! That’s a simple and awesome combination. Well done. Rating: 8/10.

    Hot Chili Squid tastes like cardboard on a Pringle-like chip. Sorry. Rating: 3/10.

    The last ones have a very familiar, meaty (kebab?) flavor. Salty and very well balanced. Rating: 8/10.

    Purchased in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

  • USA
  • Cape Cod Sour Cream & Green Onion – No Fireworks, but Nice


    I had these in a shitty hotel in Miami Beach for my lunch along with my favorite all-time drink – Budweiser & Clamato Chelada.

    Cape Cod is one of those brands that I’m sure will never disappoint me. These are thick, hard, and crunchy. I would describe the flavor as the classic sour cream and onion flavor. Using “green onion” instead of just “onion” doesn’t mean the flavor is going to be any different. Oh you marketing guys are too much.

    Overall, nice chips.

    Bought and eaten in Miami Beach, Florida.

    My rating: 7.5/10.

  • The Netherlands
  • Lay’s Papatje Joppie – Dutch Cuisine in a Bag


    I had no idea what Joppiesaus was when I grabbed my first bag of Joppie flavored Lay’s. “Joppiesaus is a Dutch snack sauce. It is a cold, yellow sauce available in fast food restaurants throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. The sauce is usually consumed with fries, or other fast food snacks such as kroket or hamburger. Joppiesaus is based on vegetable oil, water and an emulsifier. It also contains onion and curry powder. The original recipe is kept a secret, but on the web one can find recipes that approach the original taste very well.” That should give you an idea.

    It was love at first bite! Unfortunately, like with many things, my enthusiasm didn’t last very long. I still think they’re yum, but I’m just not that big of a fan anymore. I’m glad they added the crinkle cut version. Btw, Belgian Pickle flavored Lay’s taste almost exactly the same. Strange.

    Bought and eaten on numerous occasions in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 7.5/10.

  • USA
  • Zapp’s Voodoo – Who Do, What You Don’t Dare Do People


    Voodoo flavor? Hmmmm…. Questions, questions, questions. Do they taste like a voodoo doll? “In order to make a voodoo doll, you’ll need a few basic materials: two sticks, some sort of “stuffing” (such as Spanish moss, pine needles, or grass), string or cord, fabric strips and glue. If you want to dress the doll up a bit, you can also use buttons, feathers, scraps of clothing and other embellishments that belong to the person in mind.” Yummy!

    Okay, let’s get serious. According to the bag, Voodoo flavor is a result of an accident: “An employee was moving a pallet of spices off the top shelf, and dropped it. While cleaning it up, someone stuck their finger into the mixture of about 5 flavors and pronounced it great.” The actual result isn’t that outstanding, but still pretty nice. The chips are thick, crunchy and have a salty, sweet and sour flavor. Kind of like vinegar mixed with barbecue sauce. Worth a try, but not for everyone. Some might find them too sweet or vinegary.

    Bought and eaten in Los Angeles, CA.

    My rating: 7.5/10.

  • Lithuania
  • Estrella Countryside Sourcream & Onion – My First Love


    How clever! It became very common to add ‘countryside’ or other appealing word to well-known flavors of chips. Like ‘Backyard BBQ’ instead of simple ‘BBQ’. Estrella’s Countryside Sourcream & Onion chips have been known forever as Sour Cream & Onion chips. Everyone is trying to trick us these days…

    The good thing about them is that they’re not your regular sour cream and onion chips. There are millions of kinds out there, but none of them taste like these (or maybe I should just dig deeper… somewhere in Scandinavia). They’re a bit more sour and have greater acidity. They are also slightly saltier. All these factors make me want them more. Blindfolded, you can tell you’re eating Estrella. Sadly, I’m not sure if I even want look at them. But that’s only because I used to have them way too often.

    Bought and eaten in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    My rating: 7.5/10.

  • USA
  • Deep River Snacks – Horseradish and Cheese? Fuck Yeah!


    Apparently, horseradish on chips is just pure love. Adding cheddar cheese to already amazing chips makes them even creamier and more flavorful. It’s really hard to understand why so many people don’t like horseradish, especially Americans (at least it seems so from the shitty reviews). To me, it’s very heartbreaking. It reminds me of my father who has never tried eating a tomato in his entire life and it makes him sick to even look at one. Or a friend who hates pickles from McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Or another friend who can’t eat anything that was touched by an onion. They have no idea what they’re missing. Whatever, more for me.

    Bought and eaten in Miami Beach, FL.

    My rating: 7.5/10

  • The Netherlands
  • Albert Heijn Aardappel Crisps – Potatoes Potahtoes


    Much better than expected – remember, this is a supermarket brand. There was only one problem with Albert Heijn’s creation (of course Albert Heijn didn’t actually create the chips himself, he’s dead now). All of the chips, no matter what potato they were made of, tasted very very alike. Well, I guess a potato is a potato after all, since Lady Rosetta tasted just as good as the sweet potato did. But this doesn’t change the fact that their flavor was very close to that of the expensive gourmet chips. Recommended for those who prefer healthier options, but don’t want to compromise flavor (everyone?).

    Bought in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 7.5/10.