• Poland
  • Lorenz Crunchips Cheese X-Cut Cheese & Onion – More Cheese, Please!


    I expected so much more from these. This German potato chip brand (my packaging is in Polish though – obviously, German snacks are also popular in neighboring Poland) was one of the very few brands available in the supermarkets of my childhood. I loved them so much and always had the best memories of them. UNTIL NOW. But did they really get worse with time? Or was I simply too inexperienced to know what’s worth eating? We’ll never solve the mystery.

    Their main problem is that for their thickness, they have too little flavor. They’re simply too bland. Just put more MSG in there or something.

    Bought in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    My rating: 5/10.

  • Thailand
  • Lay’s Thailand – Which Ones Are The Best?


    I have reviewed some of the Lay’s Thailand chips in the past – both on the website and my Instagram account. Traveling in Asia helped me get my hands on even more flavors.

    They have some international flavors like English, Mexican and Italian. More surprisingly than not, these are probably the best flavors they currently have to offer.

    The Mexican ones (Mexican BBQ?) have a lot of flavor and are very nicely spiced – not too much, not too little. Rating: 8/10.

    The Salmon & Cream Cheese flavor is OK, but not fishy/salmony enough – I was hoping for something more shocking. These definitely left me a little disappointed. Still pretty tasty though. Rating: 7/10.

    Italian Supreme cheese flavor isn’t so supreme. I had mixed feelings, actually. The cheese flavor is good, but not strong enough. Rating: 7/10.

    Thai Fried Larb flavor not just sounds, but is pretty fascinating. Larb Tod is a ‘traditional Thai meatball made from either chicken or pork with Thai seasonings’. Meaty and very Thai. Rating: 7.5/10.

    Hot Chili Squid flavor tastes better on krinkle cut Lay’s. Sadly, still nothing particularly interesting. Rating: 5/10.

    Scallops with Garlic Butter chips do actually taste that! That’s a simple and awesome combination. Well done. Rating: 8/10.

    Hot Chili Squid tastes like cardboard on a Pringle-like chip. Sorry. Rating: 3/10.

    The last ones have a very familiar, meaty (kebab?) flavor. Salty and very well balanced. Rating: 8/10.

    Purchased in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

  • Spain
  • Lay’s Gambas al Ajillo – What a Strange Encounter


    A friend brought me these from Spain. Yes, everyone has to bring me chips from wherever they visit. No one’s allowed in my house otherwise. Just kidding (not really).

    You wouldn’t believe this, but Lay’s Gambas al Ajillo are probably the weirdest tasting chips I’ve ever put in my digestive system. I’m telling you – this flavor is nothing like your regular prawn cocktail or prawn crackers. Honestly, I just couldn’t decide whether I love them or utterly hate them. It’s like being in a freelance relationship with John Mayer. He sucks, but you can’t resist seeing him just one more time.

    I think they taste like sea.

    Bought in Madrid, Spain; eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.