• Kettle Buffalo Bleu – Well Done As Always


    Kettle chips have already been featured on my site and Instagram account on many occasions, and for a good reason: they’re usually mouthwatering…

    At first, you’re hit with a mild kick of spiciness… But then, out of the blue, comes the Bleu! To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In a blind test I would fail. My guess would probably be ‘Smoky BBQ’ or an interesting (weird) version of ‘Sweet Chili’. The chips still taste great though and that’s all that matters. They’re also super thick and crunchy which makes them perfect for dipping. Well done as always, Kettle.

    Bought in Los Angeles, California.

    My rating: 8.5/10.

  • New Zealand
  • Copper Kettle Chips Vintage Cheddar & Red Onion – Fancy and Irresistible


    Paradise on a potato chip. The flavor seemed very familiar to me – I think they also have it in the UK. Kettle? Walkers Sensations? Oh, who cares? Just go and get it.

    These are not your regular cheese and onion potato chips. This stuff is better and sexier than shaved foie gras on a bed of onions. You know you can trust me. Need more convincing? Sorry, that’s as good as it gets. *shuts the door and goes to a supermarket*

    Bought in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    My rating: 9/10.

  • USA
  • McClure’s Bloody Mary – All You Need Is a Bloody Mary?


    I was so happy and surprised to stumble upon McClure’s potato chips again! I tried (and reviewed) their Dill Pickle flavored chips in New York a couple of years ago. Later, I saw they had a new addition to their chips: Bloody Mary flavor. I knew I won’t be able to try it until I’m back in the States again. A few weeks later, I randomly found them in a health food store in Sydney. Call it luck, call it fate, call it karma? LOL.

    I’m the biggest fan of both Marys and pickles, BTW.

    These are not the first Bloody Mary-flavored chips in my chip eating career. But I think it’s the first time they do taste like an actual Bloody Mary. And that’s the kind of Mary I like – with some pickle brine in it. The flavor works really well on a kettle-cooked chip. Attempts by other brands tasted more like tomato flavor, which obviously is not a tragedy either, but a ballsy Bloody Mary is not just tomatoes and salt.

    Bought in Sydney, Australia (product of the US).

    My rating: 9/10.

  • UK
  • Burts Firecracker Lobster – Meaty, Spicy and Delicious


    It’s not the first time I’m saying this… but when it comes chips (I mean, crisps), the British know how to do it. These are actually some of the best potato chips I’ve ever tried. In fact, I love any chips by Burts: a good potato chip combined with loads of flavor. Not like I give a damn, but they’re even fashionably gluten-free (they’re also free from MSG, artificial flavoring and colorings).

    The lobster flavor is intense and savory. The chips are not as fishy as lobster-flavored chips in Asia, which is probably a good thing. They also have some mild spiciness to them which is very pleasant. Even seafood-hating weirdos and meat lovers should give them a try. The innovative flavor is created from the shells of fresh lobsters and sweet chilies. “Firecracker Lobster embodies what Burts is all about: originality, big flavour and twists on the traditional,” said founder and director Nick Hurst.

    Bought in Amsterdam, NL. Made in Devon, UK.

    My rating: 9/10.

  • The Netherlands
  • Chio Heart Breakers – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart


    Heart Breakers by Chio can truly break one’s heart. The hearts are airy crunchy, but the snack is still particularly unmemorable (ironically, the packaging is not the one to easily forget). So little taste, fucking heartbreaking.

    If you’re planning to dump your jerk of a boyfriend on Valentine’s, go ahead and do it, but don’t forget to throw a bag of Heart Breakers in his face on your way out the door. You’re welcome.

    Bought and eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 4/10.

  • Thailand
  • Lay’s Thailand – Which Ones Are The Best?


    I have reviewed some of the Lay’s Thailand chips in the past – both on the website and my Instagram account. Traveling in Asia helped me get my hands on even more flavors.

    They have some international flavors like English, Mexican and Italian. More surprisingly than not, these are probably the best flavors they currently have to offer.

    The Mexican ones (Mexican BBQ?) have a lot of flavor and are very nicely spiced – not too much, not too little. Rating: 8/10.

    The Salmon & Cream Cheese flavor is OK, but not fishy/salmony enough – I was hoping for something more shocking. These definitely left me a little disappointed. Still pretty tasty though. Rating: 7/10.

    Italian Supreme cheese flavor isn’t so supreme. I had mixed feelings, actually. The cheese flavor is good, but not strong enough. Rating: 7/10.

    Thai Fried Larb flavor not just sounds, but is pretty fascinating. Larb Tod is a ‘traditional Thai meatball made from either chicken or pork with Thai seasonings’. Meaty and very Thai. Rating: 7.5/10.

    Hot Chili Squid flavor tastes better on krinkle cut Lay’s. Sadly, still nothing particularly interesting. Rating: 5/10.

    Scallops with Garlic Butter chips do actually taste that! That’s a simple and awesome combination. Well done. Rating: 8/10.

    Hot Chili Squid tastes like cardboard on a Pringle-like chip. Sorry. Rating: 3/10.

    The last ones have a very familiar, meaty (kebab?) flavor. Salty and very well balanced. Rating: 8/10.

    Purchased in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

  • Thailand
  • Lay’s Thailand English Ham and Mustard – Flavor Replicated Perfectly


    I’m traveling in Cambodia right now*, and yesterday I was able to find a supermarket filled with American imports as well as Lay’s Thailand flavors that I’ve never seen before! Will post them all on my site/Instagram account in the next couple of days. Chip-wise, it’s a very exciting time for me – two new Lay’s flavors tested in one day, three more to go! LOL.

    The Ham and Mustard ones are really SOMETHING (other flavors do look promising too). I have to say I’ve never eaten potato chips like these before, but I know that this flavor exists in the UK. Have you ever had an intense cooked ham flavor on a potato chip? Neither have I. The product really resembles the flavor of real ham. At first, the mustard flavor was almost non-existent, but after a few chips, it really started to kick in. By the way, it tasted like good-quality mustard.

    My verdict: the classic combination of flavors proved to also work perfectly on potato chips.

    Bought in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

    My rating: 8/10. Tried Lay’s Thailand – English Ham and Mustard? Share your thoughts in comments!

    *This post originally appeared in January, 2015.

  • Lithuania
  • Estrella Butter Fried Chanterelles – A Buttery, Mushroomy Treat


    Summer is over, but at least it’s time for the seasonal autumn treat by Estrella. I’ve been waiting for these since July!

    Made from freshly dug Lithuanian potatoes, the chips are a match made in potato chip heaven paired with a pleasantly salty chanterelle flavor. Somehow they mastered making them light and savory at the same time.

    Chanterelles are among my favorite mushrooms, and while I really enjoyed Estrella’s product, I am now craving the real thing.

    Bought in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    Rating: 9/10.

  • The Netherlands
  • Doritos Sweet Chilli Pepper – Gimme More!


    Good old Sweet Chilli Pepper flavored Doritos (top pic – older version of the packaging design). Perfect when you can’t decide which ones to get for the lazy evening. While the chips are mouthwatering and flavor-packed enough to eat them on their own, they’re a match made in Mexican junk food heaven with a spicy salsa dip. It’s not my favorite flavor from Doritos, but it sure is one of the best. Not too spicy and perfectly balanced.

    Bought and eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Kigali, Rwanda.

    My rating: 8/10.

  • UK
  • Marks & Spencer Hand Cooked Smokey BBQ – Brits Know It Better


    In the UK, most of the hand cooked/hand fried/organic/artisanal and other “high-end” chips are usually above average. I haven’t had a gross chip coming from a British farmer. They also like putting them in nice bags. I like nice bags.

    That’s why I knew that chips from Marks & Spencer can’t disappoint me like the likes of Walkers are capable of. M&S’s Smokey BBQ are just what you’d expect them to be – sweet, salty and crunchy. They are not surprisingly good or anything, but they’re still pretty tasty. I had them with a dip I made from smoked fish (perch) and Hellman’s (and some spices), because obviously I’m a cute little piglet. My husband loved the combo.

    Bought and eaten in Vilnius, Lithuania (product of the UK).