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  • Burts Firecracker Lobster – Meaty, Spicy and Delicious


    It’s not the first time I’m saying this… but when it comes chips (I mean, crisps), the British know how to do it. These are actually some of the best potato chips I’ve ever tried. In fact, I love any chips by Burts: a good potato chip combined with loads of flavor. Not like I give a damn, but they’re even fashionably gluten-free (they’re also free from MSG, artificial flavoring and colorings).

    The lobster flavor is intense and savory. The chips are not as fishy as lobster-flavored chips in Asia, which is probably a good thing. They also have some mild spiciness to them which is very pleasant. Even seafood-hating weirdos and meat lovers should give them a try. The innovative flavor is created from the shells of fresh lobsters and sweet chilies. “Firecracker Lobster embodies what Burts is all about: originality, big flavour and twists on the traditional,” said founder and director Nick Hurst.

    Bought in Amsterdam, NL. Made in Devon, UK.

    My rating: 9/10.

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  • Marks & Spencer Hand Cooked Smokey BBQ – Brits Know It Better


    In the UK, most of the hand cooked/hand fried/organic/artisanal and other “high-end” chips are usually above average. I haven’t had a gross chip coming from a British farmer. They also like putting them in nice bags. I like nice bags.

    That’s why I knew that chips from Marks & Spencer can’t disappoint me like the likes of Walkers are capable of. M&S’s Smokey BBQ are just what you’d expect them to be – sweet, salty and crunchy. They are not surprisingly good or anything, but they’re still pretty tasty. I had them with a dip I made from smoked fish (perch) and Hellman’s (and some spices), because obviously I’m a cute little piglet. My husband loved the combo.

    Bought and eaten in Vilnius, Lithuania (product of the UK).

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  • Burts Pesto – One Love


    I really really really enjoyed eating them. Despite the fact that I’ve been eating all day like a pig, the salty touch of potato chips before going to bed was something I just couldn’t avoid. I’m very glad we had Burts, not some Pringles or Lay’s that night. I love pesto and Burts is one of those brands that never disappoint. The two are even better together. I should try dipping them in the actual green pesto one day.

    Bought and eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (product of the UK).

    My rating: 8/10.

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  • Mackie’s of Scotland Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper – No Need to Be Scottish to Like This

    haggisHaggis is a traditional Scottish dish – it’s kind of a sausage made from the liver, heart, and lungs of a sheep. Yikes! The ingredients are chopped and mixed with beef or mutton suet and oatmeal and seasoned with different spices. I know it all sounds really gross, but it’s pretty amazing when done properly (I already tried the real thing!).

    Haggis flavored chips by Mackie’s are the only kind I’ve tried by the brand so far and all I can say is WOW. Mackie’s of Scotland managed to create an extraordinary, original chip. I received them as a gift from friends living in Edinburgh (along with a bottle of Scotch, of course). I couldn’t stop eating them and didn’t want to share them with anyone.

    The texture of the potato chip is superb – crunchy and quite thick, but not too hard. In short, they’re just perfect. I’m not a big fan of extremely thin and greasy chips, nor am I a fan of chips that make me worry about my teeth. The generous amount of seasoning is as amazing. Like it usually happens, the chips taste more like Haggis seasoning rather than the dish itself. But this time, I don’t even care, they’re perfect anyway.

    Bought in Edinburgh, UK.

    My rating: 9.5/10.