• Denmark
  • KiMs Sour Cream & Onion – Nobody’s Perfect


    KiMs is a Danish brand, but their products can also be found in Northern Europe, Baltics, and the US. I remember loving them as a kid. Now they are nowhere to be found in my country. Luckily, I had a connecting flight in Copenhagen last winter, where I taste-tested whatever chips were available at the airport.

    KiMs brought me some nice childhood memories. They’re certainly a kid-friendly chip. It’s all in the shape and the structure. As a grown up, I don’t love them as much. Now, I prefer things that taste a bit more like they’ve been made by someone’s grandma. Something less airy and kettle-cooked perhaps? Still a lovely snack that you can’t confuse with anything else.

    Bought and eaten in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    My rating: 7/10.